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What is Keratin?

In Case You Didn’t Know Already, Your Hair is Made Up Of Keratin. In Fact, It is 95% The Product That These Keratin Conditioners are Created With. This Explains The Very Reason These Products can Make Your Hair More Fabulous.

Keratin Covers The Outer Layer Of Your Strands While Strengthening Them From Within. However, With Exposure To Pollution, Dirt, Heat, and Chemicals, Natural Keratin is Lost, Weakening The Hair and Making It More Prone to Damage.


Who Should Use Keratin Therapy Shampoo? 

Keratin is the Main Source Of Protein that Makes Your Hair and Gives It Strength, Shine, and Density. Whatever The Hair Type, Whether Fine, Thick, Curly, Straight, Wavy, or Other, Keratin Treatment Shampoo is For Everyone. The Best Shampoo For Dry Hair Uses Keratin To Regularly Provide The Extra dose Of Vitamins, Proteins, and Other Minerals That will Repair The Damage and Lock Your Tresses With a Fuller Look. While Keratin has a Lot To Offer, Knowing the Detailed Benefits Of Keratin Shampoo and How To Use It can Help You Improve Your Hair Care Routine.


Benefits of Keratin Shampoo

1. Reduces Frizz

Many Reasons Cause Frizzy Hair. Dryness, Lack Of Hydration, Heating Tools, Chemical Products, Sun Exposure, etc., Are a Few Reasons You Might Have Frizziness. Keratin In Shampoo For Dry and Frizzy Hair Helps Smoothen The Cells That Overlap Your Hair Strands. This Makes Your Hair Manageable and Reduces The Frizz By Taming All The Flyaways. 

2. Nourishes and Conditions Hair

As Keratin is The Main Protein that Builds Your Hair, It has The Potential To Nourish Your Strands and Soften Them. The Hydrating Hair Shampoo Incorporates a dose Of Vitamins, Biotin, Rich Oils, Cream, etc., That Nourishes and Conditions Every Strand Reviving Your Dull and Flat Hair.

3. Repairs Damage 

Hair Damage is The Most Common Problem Everyone Stresses About But doesn’t Know The Solution. Split Ends, Thinning Hair, Dehydration, Color Damage, Styling Damage, etc., Are Common Problems With a Simple Solution – Keratin Therapy Shampoo. Regular Shampoo will Reverse The Damage, Turning Lifeless Hair Into Beautiful, Bouncy Tresses.

4. Helps Fight Breakage

Hair Breakage can Happen Due To Product Buildup, Weak Hair, Lack Of Nutrition, Excess Dandruff, Wrong Hair Care Products, and Many Other Reasons. Proteins are the most vital ingredient to help fight hair breakage. Using keratin treatment shampoo to get volume and strong hair works like magic. It will control the breakage with regular use and add volume to your scalp.

5. Thicker and Strong Hair

The keratin is a Structural Protein That Strengthens The Strands By Penetrating The Hair Follicles and Pores. The Formulation Of Keratin Shampoo for Dry and Frizzy Hair will Repair The Fine Texture and Help Get Thicker Hair. It Works As a Perfect Addition To Getting Voluminous and Strong Hair Ready To Be Styled For Every Occasion.


How to Use a Keratin Shampoo?

To Get The Best Benefits Of Keratin Shampoo For Dry and Damaged Hair, Using It In Proper Order and Care can Make a Lot Of Difference. Here is a Complete Guide On How To Use a Keratin Shampoo For Stronger and Thicker Hair –

Step 1: Wet Your Hair Using Cold or Lukewarm Water As Per Your Comfort. Don’t Use Too Hot Water As It will Damage Your Hair and Cause Dryness.

Step 2: Rub Some Keratin Therapy Shampoo Between Your Palms to Emulsify.

Step 3: Apply Shampoo To The Scalp and Wet Hair.

Step 4: Gently Massage With Shampoo For a Few Minutes.

Step 5: Rinse Off Using Cold or Lukewarm Water.

Step 6: Follow The Wash With a Keratin Conditioner For The Best Results. Squeeze Excess Water, Apply Conditioner, and Rinse After a Few Minutes.

Step 7: Allow The Hair Strands to Air Dry or Use a Turkish Towel to Squeeze Excess Water Gently.



  1. Massage Gently To Ensure Hair Doesn’t Break
  2. Ensure Not To Use Too Much Shampoo; Use a Small Quantity
  3. Wash Hair When You Feel Your Hair and Scalp is Dirty
  4. It is Advisable To Use It Twice or Thrice a Week
  5. Combine With Oil Before Washing and Conditioner After Shampooing For Complete Results


How do Keratin Conditioners Help Your Hair?

1. It revives damaged hair

Keratin Conditioners Help Put Back Some Of The Lost Proteins From Your Hair To Make Your Hair Softer and Smoother. With Regular Use, It can Make Your Hair Appear Straighter.

2. It can straighten hair

Sleek, Straight Hair is What Many Of Us Want, and Your Favorite Keratin Conditioner Can Help You Achieve That. Plus, If You Add a Keratin Mask Into Your Hair Care Routine, Your Hair Can Get Shinier and Straighter.

3. It helps get rid of frizz

Frizz is One Common Hair Problem That We Definitely Want To Get Rid Of. Though Tutsang Can’t Be Totally Eliminated, It can be Minimized By Using Keratin Conditioners. So Whether You Want To Put Your Hair Up In a Bun or Down To Flow With Your Moves, It will Feel Smoother and Softer to The Touch With a Good Keratin Conditioner.

4. It keeps the strands in the best condition

Keratin Conditioners Don’t Only Work On The Hair’s Outer Layer. It Also Does As Much Good To Its Internal Structure By Nourishing The Strands To Make Them Smoother and Softer.