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What is Face Wash?

A face wash, a product specifically created for facial cleanliness–stands in contrast to traditional soap. Unlike its counterpart, which is often abrasive and strips the skin of natural oils, a face wash offers efficient yet gentle cleansing. It incorporates ingredients tailored to various skin demographics. Thus, this makes them suitable for a broad spectrum of individuals as they cater precisely to diverse skincare needs.


Discover The Best Face Wash For Skin

Facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer. The C-T-M routine is the Holy Trinity of skincare regimen all over the world and is no longer fancy jargon. It’s the La’bangerry that keeps your skin happy, cared-for and glowing! While all steps have their advantages and are important, cleansing, as the base, needs to be done the right way, and with the right products that suit your skin type, schedule and habits.

This is not as difficult as it seems, given the staggering amount of confusing information about thousands of products, available online and in stores.


Vitamin C Face Wash – glowing skin

A healthy cleansing face wash for a clean, glowing face. Apart from being loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C, our Vitamin C Face Wash for Men also has powerful antioxidants that help reduce hyperpigmentation and add a healthy radiance to your skin. It also has natural ingredients like Vitamin C and Niacinamide that help in boosting skin health and also keeps your face looking fresh and energised all day long. The face wash is super gentle on your skin and also delivers anti-ageing properties.


Benefits of Face Wash

1. Effective Cleansing

Face washes efficiently clean the skin’s top layer of debris, oil, makeup, and pollutants, avoiding blocked pores and breakouts.

Vitamin C Face wash is best for glowing skin. Its unique formulation packed with anti-acne ingredients gently unclogs pores, soothes irritation and forms a protective shield against future outbreaks. Moreover, the face wash effectively calms inflamed skin, the result is a clear and peaceful complexion.

2. Balanced pH

Many face cleansers aim to maintain the skin’s normal pH level; their formulation serves a crucial purpose: ensuring healthier, less irritable skin.

3. Improved Skin Texture

Utilising face wash regularly eliminates dead skin cells and catalyses cell turnover; consequently, it results in smoother, softer skin.

4. Hydration

By replenishing the skin’s moisture barrier, hydrating face cleansers help stop dryness and flakiness.

5. Reduced Acne 

By unclogging pores and eliminating acne-causing germs, acne-fighting face cleansers can help lessen the frequency of acne and outbreaks.

6. Clearer Skin Tone

By eliminating dull and dead skin cells, exfoliating facewashes helps to create a complexion that is more vibrant and bright.

7. Makeup Removal

Makeup removal is efficient with foaming and oil-based face cleansers, which streamline your evening skincare regimen.

8. Preventing Skin Conditions

With regular use of the appropriate face cleanser, one can evade acne, eczema, and rosacea.

9. Enhanced Absorbance

Clean skin better absorbs skincare products such as serums and moisturisers; this action enhances their therapeutic effects.


How To Use A Face Wash

Step 1 – Know When To Wash

It’s important to know when to wash your face with a face wash. Remember, the reason why you’re doing so is that you want to remove the impurities that have settled into your pores. You don’t want to overwash and strip your skin of its natural oils. Make sure to use a face wash in the morning and in the night, as part of your routine. If you feel icky midday, then use a face mist or just splash some water on your face to refresh it, instead of using a face wash again.

Step 2 – Wash Your Hands

Begin by washing your hands with some soap and water. You wouldn’t want to rub dirty hands on your face, now would you? Before applying the cleanser or face wash, make sure your clean your hands with mild soap to remove any dirt, bacteria, and impurities that sit on the surface.

Step 3 – Splash Some Water

 Wet your face by splashing some lukewarm water on it. Never ever wash your face with scalding hot water, as this will cause burns and irritate the skin. Make sure you wet your entire face before applying any cleanser.

 Step 4 – Squeeze Some Product

Take a coin-sized amount of face wash on your palm and add some water to it. Rub your hands together to lather it up. Make sure you get the quantity right as too little will not cleanse your skin properly, and too much will just be a waste of product. This quantity can change, depending on how strong or how much your face wash foams. If your face wash is very potent, a pea-sized amount should be fine.

Step 5 – Massage It In

Once you’ve dispensed the face wash in your palms and it’s lathered up a little, massage it into your wet face in circular motions. Spend about 45-60 seconds on the different areas of your face –– cheeks, t-zone, forehead, and chin. Don’t forget to wash your neck too!

 Step 6 – Wash Off

 Rinse your face with some lukewarm water, once again to remove the face wash off of it. Make sure you’re gentle around the eyes –– be careful not to open them mid-wash, as this may irritate them.

 Step 7 – Pat Dry

 Always pat your skin dry, instead of rubbing it in with a towel. Use a microfibre cloth when doing so and gently pat it. You don’t need to leave it bone dry –– a little dampness allows for your serums and moisturisers to be absorbed into your skin a lot better.

 Step 8 – Follow Up With A Serum And Moisturiser

 Lock in the goodness of your face wash by following it up with moisturiser or serum (or both). This’ll ensure that any lost moisture is replaced instantly and will create a protective barrier that’ll fight against external damage.